From Specialty Test-plot planter to acre-eating machines,

We provide custom built solutions to meet your every need without the frivolous extras.

We analyze your operation and work with you to maximize production without installing and charging you for things you don't want or need.

At FarmReign LLC we pride ourselves on being very focused on planting, over the years we've become familiar with just about every planting solution on the market. The vendors we've chosen to construct our SeedReign Planters from were chosen without compromise, you can be confident that at every level your SeedReign is using the best component for your operation. Every planter we sell comes with a full one-year warranty.


  • 1.6, 3.0 Bu, or mini hoppers w/ CCS available
  • 15", 20", 30", or any row spacing you can think of, we've even done variable spacing!
  • High-speed and Multi-hybrid available
  • SureFire Ag application components ensure fertilizer is even, at the right rate per acre, and supremely reliable to minimize downtime
  • High quality Harvest International Toolbar and Row Units available for unmatched durability and serviceability

Precision Planting components:

  • vDrive with vSet for the ultimate in singulation
  • DeltaForce to hit the perfect Depth every time no matter the soil type
  • SpeedTube to maintain seed spacing up to 10 MPH
  • vSet Select to get the right hybrid on the right acre

No one comes close to FarmReign on service, which is included in the prices shown. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during planting season, because we know that getting the crop in on time translates to dollar bills at harvest.

Fill out our quote form or call now for a no obligation estimate. We take great pride in our products, just like you do in your operation. Let us help you get to the next level in planting productivity today!

Have a planter already with a toolbar and/or row units that are in good shape, or don't know how many seasons are left on your current equipment? We'll take a look and we can discuss fitting our different technologies to your existing planter, helping you decide what is best for your bottom line.

This planter has vSet/vDrive, SpeedTube, DeltaForce, and CleanSweep. It's capable of 70 Acres per hour. Fertilizer system is a SureFire Ag System and is a Liqui-Shift system which allow for variable rate as well as remaining capable at any speed from 4-10 MPH.